Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fossil Evidence for the Great Flood

The above image is taken from, and used in an article in which all fossils are claimed to be evidence of creatures that died in the Great Flood. Yes, the same flood as in the story of Noah's Ark. But hang on a minute, this fossil is a fish, right? Something doesn't add up. I'm reminded of an Eddie Izzard skit about evil pilot-fish escaping God's wrath.


Anonymous said...

And this disproves the flood HOW?

elaborate plz

Anonymous said...

Common-Sense disproves the flood. Explain how we never find any humans mixed with Dinosaurs in the fossil-record. Or what of the modern mammals and the dinosaurs? Not one was lame, sick, weak or young enough that they could not outrun the flood and become mixed with them.

Stephen Skinner said...

Let's talk about common sense. Many scientists now speculate that some of the canyons and geological features on Mars were caused by a flood that at one point covered the entire surface of Mars.
So, there's no logical problem with Mars, on planet on which there's no liquid water undergoing a global flood. But Earth, a planet 3/4 covered in water, a planet that bears striking geological evidence of a cataclysmic flood (such as the Grand Canyon), a planet in which virtually every ancient civilization tells legends of a worldwide flood that covered the whole Earth...that's just to far fetched.
I see your point. Common sense indeed.

Tom said...

or Stephen you could read a paper by Giovanni Leone of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in the Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, which postulates a different cause for some canyon formation on Mars, Lava.

& it would appear that you unfortunately missed the hypothesis that hydrated surface salts warmed up, being next to the Tharsis plateau, released the water through underground plumbing, causing the layers of dirt and rock above to collapse, creating the canyon scar in the surface. But you can read about it on

In fact, just taking a bit of time to search how the canyons may have formed, there a couple more ideas but nowhere is there a mention of a global flood. Unless of course its on one those wacky creationist websites. & the Grand Canyon is not evidence for a cataclysmic flood.