Sunday, July 27, 2008

Vegetarian T Rex

More dinosaur-related idiocy can be found here:

Were you aware that it has been proven by the Creation Evidence Museum that T-Rex was NOT a meat eater? That's right! They proved it in TWO WAYS...

1. The roots of T-Rex were only 2 inches deep. Had he bit into the hide of another dinosaur he would have lost teeth
2. They cut a tooth in half og a unearthed T-Rex and found in deeply impureated with CHLOROPHYLL! That's right, Chlorophyll is the main substance found in PLANTS not meat!

Fig. 1 - Tyrannosaurus Herbivorus. Note the six-inch long razor-sharp teeth, perfectly designed (by our Lord God) for slicing through radishes, carrots and lettuce.

Impureated?? The same page features this bizarre challenge for evolution fans:

Ok.. let me get this straight. The Word of God says we were created with Human bodies that are designed to live forever. Science has recently proven that if we were to learn something new every second, we would take well over 3 millions years to exhaust the memory capacity of our "post flood" brains. (Pre-flood brains were 3 times larger) On the other hand... Evolutionists say things evolve after there is a need for change.

Question... How is it possible for us to have a brain that could hold enough info to last over 3 millions years, when all we can live up to is 90 years? (Don't expect and answer from them.)

The only thing this proves is that creationist brains are 3 times dumber than regular brains. Which we already knew.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Creationism Cartoons

This site has some pretty good cartoons about creationism. Here's my favourite:

Not that you even have to read one book to be an expert on creationism, of course.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dinosaur Art

I found this image here, it's supposedly a native american drawing of a dinosaur found at the grand canyon, which proves that dinosaurs and humans coexisted a few thousand years ago. What tickled me the most was the caption: So accurate, they must have seen dinosaurs alive!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Spiritless Hominids

Apparently some evangelicals believe aboriginal people have no soul. It's called Pre-Adamism:

This image is genuine, and is hosted on

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Trust me, I have a PhD...

This slide is taken from a presentation entitled "Noah's Ark: A Feasibility Study". The whole slideshow can be seen here.

I love that someone has spent valuable time calculating the amount of shit the animals on Noah's ark would have produced.

Think back to when you were a kid and heard the ark story for the first time. Did you really ever believe it could be true? Really?? Well, apparently many people do, and many of them have PhDs. Needless to say, you shouldn't trust what people say just because they have a qualification. I did a google search for one of these scientists (Dr John R Baumgardner, who obtained a PhD in geophysics and space physics from UCLA) and found a creationist essay he'd written that demonstrates a complete misunderstanding of evolutionary theory:

Many evolutionists are persuaded that the 15 billion years they assume for the age of the cosmos is an abundance of time for random interactions of atoms and molecules to generate life. A simple arithmetic lesson reveals this to be no more than an irrational fantasy.

This arithmetic lesson is similar to calculating the odds of winning the lottery. The number of possible lottery combinations corresponds to the total number of protein structures (of an appropriate size range) that are possible to assemble from standard building blocks. The winning tickets correspond to the tiny sets of such proteins with the correct special properties from which a living organism, say a simple bacterium, can be successfully built. The maximum number of lottery tickets a person can buy corresponds to the maximum number of protein molecules that could have ever existed in the history of the cosmos.

For starters, the lottery analogy is an unwise choice, since someone somewhere wins the lottery every day.

For a relatively short protein consisting of a chain of 200 amino acids, the number of random trials needed for a reasonable likelihood of hitting a useful sequence is then in the order of 20^100 (100 amino acid sites with 20 possible candidates at each site), or about 10^130 trials. This is a hundred billion billion times the upper bound we computed for the total number of molecules ever to exist in the history of the cosmos!! No random process could ever hope to find even one such protein structure, much less the full set of roughly 1,000 needed in the simplest forms of life.

But evolution is not a random process! Here's a more accurate analogy: Imagine you are the only person playing the lottery, and the winning numbers are the same each week. The chances of you picking the right numbers at random are indeed vanishingly small. The chances of you picking one or two winning numbers, though, would be reasonably likely, at least over the course of a few weeks. But now imagine if there was a mechanism that told you when you'd picked a winning number, and what that number was. It's easy to see how you could use this information to choose your next set of numbers, and each week you'd be more and more likely to find the winning combination. Evolution works like this. It is not a random process, it explains how complexity can arise incrementally, in tiny stages, without the need for any luck.

The moral of this story is that you shouldn't trust someone just because they have a qualification. Dr Baumgardner studied geophysics and space physics, and his expertise is likely limited to a very specific area within that field. He is (clearly) not an expert in microbiology, chemistry or evolution. So if you ever want a reliable account of a theory, make sure you ask the experts.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Moron of the Month - Kirk Cameron

Take a moment to look past the Fox logo and the abhorrent Bill O'Reilly, whose vileness warrants a website all of its own, and check out actor-turned-creationist Kirk Cameron's principal argument against evolution - the Crocoduck:

Look at his earnest, pleading little face:

Aww, bless him. He really believes people might be convinced by such "evidence". Not even a trace of irony to be found. There has rarely been a more wilfull misrepresentation of the theory of evolution, and keep in mind that this guy and others like him would have this stuff taught to children in science classes:

Fig. 1: The case against Darwin

Creationists are given the chance to put their argument across on national television and this is what they come up with. Unfortunately, people like Kirk Cameron cannot be argued with, and the only possible response to such an extreme form of idiocy is ridicule. Turn the sound on for that link.

Kirk, please stick to media more suiting to your intellect: