Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This afternoon Creationist Idiocy had a visit from an anonymous reader who left half a dozen comments on various posts. Whoever it was, they apparently took objection to my Creationists That Look Like Apes series, calling it:
stupid and unscientific

They appear to have missed the point of those posts by quite a wide margin:
i can make evolutionist monkeys too

The reader was also upset by my blog's sub-heading, which they countered with:

I think this blog is clear evidence that you can't spell "evolutionist" without "insolent".

...which would almost be clever if not for the fact that there's only one n in evolutionist. Anyways, I much prefer "You can't spell evolutionist without i love u".


Anonymous said...

And remember: Evolutionism has "no limits"!

Anonymous said...

And monkeys are not apes.

I look like an ape in *every* photo, primarily because I actually am one.

revatheist said...

Also remember that every "creationist" has a "con artist" inside!

Creationist Idiocy said...

Oooh! Good one rev!

revatheist said...

Thanks! Also your disgruntled poster who mistakenly thought that evolutionists were insolent should keep in mind that inside every evolutionist is the "solution". :p

Creationist Idiocy said...

LOL. You're on fire.