Sunday, July 13, 2008

Spiritless Hominids

Apparently some evangelicals believe aboriginal people have no soul. It's called Pre-Adamism:

This image is genuine, and is hosted on



now THAT is pure racism. horay!

Anonymous said...

And creationists have the gall to say that evolution leads to racism.


warreni said...

As Peter Griffin would say, "Ah, that's good old-fashioned family racism!"

Cyberkyd said...

Once again, this is a cartoon criticizing a belief that they do not believe in. The author of this blog just doesn't do his homework, or he is purposely trying to mislead you. I leave room either way.

Anonymous said...

You said "Science makes no assumptions, it simply follows wherever the evidence leads."
In the December, 2010 issue of Scientific American magazine, an article tells of finding blood cells and other organic material in focalized dinosaur bone supposedly 67 million years old.
I submit that the most likely conclusion is the bone is not 67 million years old but much younger. They, on the other hand, having committed themselves to presupposed age, must come up with another explanation involving some unknown geologic process.
Incorrect assumption will inevitably lead to wrong conclusions. To be fair, it seems, both assumptions should be critically examined. We begin with fact; fragile organic material exists in a focalized bone. There seem to be only two possible explanations. One involves a never-before-seen geologic process that is yet to be explained. The other would be the bone is simply not 67 million years old.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous don't you think that the scientists actually are bright enough to think maybe this bone is younger than we think, and to look at the strata and the elements it contains? And to use as many methods as possible to date that fossil before coming to a conclusion as to its age?
Or is it a killer argument that all of physics is wrong and the planet is only 6000 years old?

Anonymous said...

This is AiG showing the errors of Progressive Creationism. This is what a different group is advocating, and they are calling them out on it. People should do their homework.

Anonymous said...

Here is the link:
Ken Ham and the staff at AiG do not believe in spiritless hominids. They were pointing out the flaws with Progressive Creationism.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy that the various bat shit insane creationists are finding flaws in each other's insane "theories". If only the stayed awake in high school biology class they would realize that they are all equally insane. They can play with their imaginary friend on Sunday, or every day of the week. Just don't try to reverse engineer your book of fairy stories and distorted history into science.