Monday, August 11, 2008

An Unintelligently Designed Video

I just stumbled across Emancipate Yourselves From Mental Slavery, a blog by Joshua Stein about all kinds of stuff, much of it related to atheism and rational thinking. It's only been going since January 2008 but already has 456 entries. Check it out.

Anyway, this hilariously amateurish creationist video was posted on the blog, and I'm re-posting it here for your enjoyment. It's best viewed with the sound turned on:

I'm going to have to check out God Tube, I'm sure it's an absolute gold mine for creationist stupidity.


Joshua Stein said...

Thanks for linking me in, Luke. Much appreciated.

Joshua Stein said...

Oh, Luke, a little heads up on this new one.

I thought you might enjoy it. And I found the other site. I'm linking both of them in.

David said...

Oh man, that video can't have been done seriously. I am suspecting it was made by an atheist trying to make creationists look bad, because, man.... oh man... such stupidity!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I believe that video is evidence against intelligent design.

Anonymous said...

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