Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another Bizarre Cartoon from AiG


Joshua Stein said...

Usually I can make out the point that the crazies are trying to make, but this one is perplexing.

Are they trying to say that, buried under the Garden of Eden were fossils and suffering and all of that (sounds a little like Pandora to me, but the Christians never were that creative).

Still, it must be taken literally! Of that I'm sure.

Nine said...

Frankly, I thought cartoons on the AIG site are supposed to be IN FAVOUR of christianity?

This however, looks like it's critizicing Chrisianity? Is it just me or is that cartoon really ambiguous?

Anonymous said...

Check out this cartoon about AIG!

Dendroaspis said...

"Are they trying to say that, buried under the Garden of Eden were fossils and suffering and all of that"

I believe that they are trying to paint contrasting pictures of what the world is like. If the creationist view is correct, it's all peace, and love and complete harmony. "Evilutionists" worldview, in contrast, is based on death, destruction and suffering.

Except, just, no. It doesn't work. Even if the creationists are correct, with 6000 year old earth and an all powerful God, there is still the death and pain and suffering and all that good stuff in the bottom panel. God or not, the Dodo went extinct, and many more species are in danger of doing so. God or not, War is present in many peoples lives.

Finally, consider the fact that the top panel didn't actually go quite like this. Anyone that is even remotely familiar with Genesis knows that it wasn't all perfect. Original sin and all that.

Anonymous said...

yeh, God, you dink, thanks for kicking us outta there...

Cyberkyd said...

Poor, poor readers. If the author of this blog had actually told you why they made this picture, you would have a different opinion. AIG made this cartoon to criticize people who have the view that evolution happened, and then God just 'did it all over.' This is a criticism by them of a view that they do not believe. Do the homework next time, blogger!

Anonymous said...

Actually, the cartoon is showing the contrast between creation and evolution. The above picture shows the garden of Eden and how it was "very good." everything was perfect before the fall of man when mankind was put under the curse of sin. That's when death and suffering came into play.
The bottom image shows that in the case of evolution, death and pain and suffering was going on for "millions of years." Natural selection works through death, "survival of the fittest." This means that weaker species would have had to die off, so pain and suffering would be going on for "millions of years."

Anonymous said...

No you dullard. Natural selection works through LIFE. If animals didn't survive and pass on whatever genetic advantages they've acquired there'd be no evolution at all.
And that garden of eden stuff is pure fluffy bunny airheaded infantile imagination with zero scientific evidence to support it.

Anonymous said...

If you would read the Holy Bible, you would find out that God
made a perfect world. There
was no pain, death, killing, disease,
thorns, struggle,suffering,
or extinction. This all became because Adam and Eve
sinned against God. God said
that if they ate from the tree
of good and evil they would
die. It was the only thing
they could not do. Guess what?
Adam and Eve did not believe
God. If you read the book
Genesis in the Bible, you will
see that God told Adam and
Eve about the pain, suffering, thorns,ect. It started when
they sinned and were kicked
out of the garden. Since then
life is only getting worse. Nothing goes from chaos to
order. How come there is no
proof that apes turned to
humans or dinosaurs change
to birds. Where are those fossils??
There aren't any cause an
ape will always be an ape,
a human will
be a human, a dinosaur a
dinosaur, a bird will remain a bird. God reveals many
things in the bible if we
just sit and
study His word, we will find
the answers to many of our questions. I pray that all
reading this takes time to read
the bible. God gave us the
bible for a reason. It tells us about the earth, why
there is death and suffering,
the bible explains dinosaurs
(Job 40:15, behemoth)(Job 41
talks about the Leviathan).
The bible even gives us an
idea of how old the earth is,
you just have to follow the
family lines. It reveals that
it is only around
6000 years old and dinosaurs existed with man. Most
importantly it tells us that
God's sent His Son to save
us from our sins. It is through the grace of God. You
don't have to do good works,
just admit you are a sinner, believe that Jesus died
for your sins, and you will receive eternally life.
What a wonderful give
from God!! It is free
because God loves you. Just remember...ADMIT, BELIEVE,