Friday, November 21, 2008

Lamest Cartoons Ever?

These cartoons are by Daniel Nuckols, who has a whole bunch of them online. They're so bad that they're kind of fascinating. Some of them are just downright bizarre, though. Apparently, evilutionists aren't the only sinners he's slicing up with his razor-sharp satire. He seems to have something against vegetarians:

Oh, and the loch ness monster is real:


Gary said...

What was he thinking as he drew these? This is strange.

Anonymous said...

"What was he thinking as he drew these? This is strange."

More to the point, what was he smoking?


Anonymous said...

Young earth creationists would love to find creatures like the Loch Ness, as it would prove these creatures have existed in modern times, and thus Creationism.

I was checking out Cryptozoologist websites for fun, and a lot were written by these folks. My hopes of finding Dinos in darkest africa were dashed when I realized THEY headed the expeditions.

Anonymous said...

The gayest cartoons ever. Tha "artist" surely loves to take it up the ass