Sunday, February 8, 2009

Marrying Relatives: Inadvisable

On Cain marrying his sister (or possibly mother):

...there was nothing ‘sick’ about it, because laws against brother-sister intermarriage were not introduced until the time of Moses. Before then, there were few genetic defects (mutations) that today make it inadvisable for close relatives to marry. For example, Abraham was able, both biologically and morally, to marry his half-sister Sarah (and their descendants are the Jewish/Hebrew people).

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Anonymous said...

I felt my IQ drop about thirty points while reading that. I mean... It's a facepalm in a bottle, that's what it is. Cyclical reasoning much Creationism is real because the bible says it is while creationism says the bible is real, therefore they're both true! Are you F***ing kidding me?

charles Receski said...
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