Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where are the Transitional Fossils??

Well, here's one (thanks Ron):

And here's the fascinating story behind its discovery, well worth taking the time to watch:


Anonymous said...

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IdiocyofEvolution said...

I find it hilarious that here evolutionists would call a Christian asking for evidence to be stupid when evolutionists do the same towards creationists.
1. How many changes are there between a simple sea dwelling species and a simple land dwelling species? A rough estimate would be along the lines of 50,000. Yet there are only, remind me now, 12 transitionary fossils? Seems to me that we are missing 48,988 fossils. It is far more likely that they are different species than "transitionary fossils".
2. Why would an animal, such as a dinosaur, who has already adapted and evolved to near perfection for a species, shed its scales in favor of different skin, and feathers? There is no logical reason behind this. If I were to try to make a claim such as that, I would at least pick animals similar instead of jumping to stupid conclusions that are clearly false. Also, there would be at least 130,000 evolutionary changes between these two species, and there are less than 12 "transitionary fossils". We arent looking for a missing link, we are looking for thousands of them.
3. Punctuated Equilibrium. Gould's brilliant response to the NOTICEABLE LACK OF EVIDENCE. He said that when species evolved, they evolved in large jumps. Many changes at once. Not proven, not seen and certainly no evidence for it. Funny that the lack of evidence would prove to be evidence for his claim.
4.Neither creationism, nor evolution can be proven by the "Scientific theory". Neither can be observered nor (barring the possibility for time travel) will they ever be observed. Thus it is stupid of you or anyone else to proclaim evolution as truth when in truth, it has far less evidence than creationism.
It would appear that you have a mass of fossils with which you know nothing but speculation. Continue with your insults and lack of reason, evidence, and logic. Keep posting insults with no legitamate information. Evolution can keep the intellectually devoid and I see no reason to be bothered with the cries of the mad. Thank you for your laughs however and I look forward to reading your mad useless ramblings in the future. Fare well and Im glad that I got the chance to listen to something said by a dumb evolutionist.

MFS said...

Um,no, you don't have the fossils and, you DON'T win. To be a transitional fossil, you would have to have fossils, from the same species, in various forms of change. You don't have that. And, the extremely few fossils that you all transitional, could be a species that share both traits such as, a flying fish. And, the fossils of species like the coelacanth. This rare fish, thought to have vanished to extinction, was caught by a fisherman in the 1930's and, looks like the fossils. So what happened? It's still a fish. It had "millions of years" to evolve into something but, it hasn't. And, there are countless fossils of species, that look the same today, as they did "millions of years" ago.
But, what about today? Where are the species that are in transition? Did evolution suddenly stop?
And, if evolution is a "fact", why do evolutionists still use words like theoretically, hypothetically, possible, could have...etc. etc.? I could go on and on but, time limits me on this post.
The FACT is, and is admitted by some famous evolutionist's. there are no fossils backing up evolution. But, they cover themselves by saying; "we'll find them. Just give us more time"

Anonymous said...

Take a hint from Popular Science and disable your user comments.

You have comments from a user named "buy viagra" who apparently doesn't just have a flaccid penis but also a flaccid understanding of, well, basic biology. Then you have a spam ad for PVC home siding. Finally you have a long-winded religionist who has written an incoherent rant that reads like a fallacy cluster bomb.

Don't give idiots a voice on your platform unless you want to be associated with their idiocy.


Anonymous said...

How does evolution concur with the Laws of Thermodynamics? Simple, it doesn't. The 2nd Law states that Time's Arrow always points down (entropy), but evolution says otherwise. And a scientific law is universal, meaning it applies in all situations.
Therefore, God is the Creator of heaven and of earth and all things within it. Jesus loves you, died for you, and saved you. Take salvation while you still can, don't make excuses for what God did.

I can do all things through Christ said...

-polystrate fossils
-cosmic capacity
-spontaneous generation
-frozen mammoths in Siberia
-fossils of dinosaur and man walking side-by-side
-the complexity of the cell and man