Monday, December 29, 2008

Circumnavigating the Intellect

Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort, from creationist propaganda video "The Evolution Zone":

Cameron: “When you learn how to speak to a person’s conscience and circumnavigate the intellect, the subject of evolution seems to disappear.”

Comfort: “... this is real good news for people like me. It means that I don’t have to become an expert on the fossil record and learn big words like Rhinorhondothackasaurus...”

Cameron: “Now are we trying to be anti-intellectual or avoid talking about the subject of evolution? Of course not...”

Here's the full video:


Artificial Selection said...

I love how Ray thinks that saying "perhaps", "maybe", or "I don't know" categorizes someone as a "true believer". Something tells me that he never uses these words, and that certainty qualifies him (in his own mind) as "open minded" and "skeptical".


Vincent said...

I couldn't even watch the rest of this stupidity because these (creationist)couldn't even give a real logical point across themselves. Lol! I would like him actually try to ask a real scientist expert those same questions and watch him be owned. Lol!

Anonymous said...

Seriously - he's asking high schoolers. When I was in school, I wasn't even sure which guy I had a crush on, let alone specifics on hardcore scientific evidence. My "common sense" definitely doesn't support the bible, which includes talking snakes, people living in fish bellies, and physical bodies flying to heaven like superman. It points to rationality - Where's the miraculous sea splitting prophets and talking snakes today? I sure don't see them and I have no reason to believe something so fairy tale-ish.

Jinx McHue said...

“When you learn how to speak to a person’s conscience and circumnavigate the intellect, the subject of evolution seems to disappear.”

Do you understand what Kirk and Ray are referring to in saying that? Go to 21:30 and listen to his opening statement. He's talking about witnessing. Ray and Kirk's method of witnessing their Christian faith works by targeting a person's conscience instead of their intellect. The "circumnavigating the intellect" line has nothing to do with the issue of addressing the issue of evolution.

Anonymous said...

Cmaeron is so blatantly gay. I bet Comfort ride him as his bitch

Anonymous said...

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