Friday, December 12, 2008

Creation Science FAIL

This page describes an "eight-year scientific research project", the results of which were presented at a community church in 1997. Let's look at one of their findings:

Dr. Andrew Snelling, an Australian geologist on the team, performed a detailed study of radiohalos (microscopic circular marks left on mica crystals from radioactive decay). He studied over 3,485 slides made from seventy rock samples from Australia, England, Norway, and the United States. The radiohalos caused by the decay of uranium and polonium strongly suggests rapid decay, not a gradual decay process over billions of years. This evidence of rapid nuclear decay, creation scientists believe, is due to catastrophic conditions produced by a worldwide flood.

A flood affecting the rate of nuclear decay? FAIL.


Anonymous said...

I will comment on this abandoned website in case someone looking for "truth" stumbles upon it.
This article from Dr. Andrew Snelling briefly explains a theory after doing a scientific study on rock samples.
The response from the author of this site.
"A flood affecting the rate of nuclear decay? FAIL."

How's that for a scientific and logical response? Or should I say Scientific and logical response. FAIL.

You cannot logically respond to a statement in that manner with an arbitrary response. Try again.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but since when does cataclysmic flooding cause rapid nuclear decay?

Anonymous said...

Interesting article on accelerated beta decay. Would be useful for neutralizing nuclear waste.

Anonymous said...

In no way does that article suggest that flooding can speed up radioactive decay.