Monday, September 15, 2008

Creationism in the UK II

Seems I might have been a little naive in my previous entry. Check out some of the comments at the end of this BBC article about creationism's rise in the UK. Some lowlights:

It was partly a serious study of evolution that led me to conclude that I'd rather be the product of a creationary God than an evolutionary accident, and so embrace Christianity. I am so pleased I did, life has become so much less gloomy.
Robert Harper, Battle, England

It doesn't matter what you prefer, Robert. Truth isn't a matter of taste.

What is wrong with letting those that believe in God also believe in what God did?
Chrono, Norfolk

Because it's stupid. And, more importantly, untrue.

Evolutionists begin with the pre-supposition that there is no God.
Martin Green, Bradford

Preposterous! Creationists interpret evidence with the pre-supposition of biblical truth.

As a born again Christian, I believe in creationism and will teach my children the same belief. Trying to prove that Man evolved from monkeys because there may be some similarities, is like trying to prove that humming birds evolved from helicopters because they both fly.
Andre Odogwu, London

This guy is putting his children at a serious disadvantage, and denying them the wondrous truth of their origins.

I find creationism more plausible, easier to understand, and leaving oneself quite satisfied.
Stefan, London

Well Stefan, I guess it's easier to read one book than a bunch of hard ones.

Somehow, seeing all this happening back home is much more depressing to me than seeing it happen in the US. At least there are a few bright sparks who've posted some intelligent comments, and knowing the BBC's passion for giving either side of every argument exactly 50% of the coverage (instead of investigating thoroughly and presenting the truth, as should be their duty as journalists), I doubt that these comments are truly representative. If they are, UK science education is in big trouble...

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