Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Creationism in the UK III

Well, less than a day after my previous post on the matter, the latest in UK creationism news is that Professor Michael Reiss has quit as director of education at the Royal Society after making comments in favour of discussing creationism in school science classes. He claimed that creationism deserved to be discussed since it is a popular world-view. While there's no denying that the creationist world-view is a belief system held by a great many people, it has absolutely no scientific support, and therefore has no place in a science classroom. By all means discuss it in a religion or sociology class, but keep it out of the biology lessons.

Here's part of the Royal Society's statement:

The Royal Society's position is that creationism has no scientific basis and should not be part of the science curriculum However, if a young person raises creationism in a science class, teachers should be in a position to explain why evolution is a sound scientific theory and why creationism is not, in any way, scientific.

I'm glad they're taking a tough stance on this. Go UK!

Darwin 1, Creationbrits 0


Joshua Stein said...

Luke, I wish I lived in a country that was smart enough to figure this out.

Unfortunately, I'm an American.

Anonymous said...

They're doin it right.