Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Handy Dandy Evolution Refuter

The Handy Dandy Evolution Refuter is a creationist manual for Christian students, and is available online here. One of its Appendices is called "What Students can do to Counterattack Evolution and Change the Schools". This is some of the advice they give:

Develop a sharp eye for dogmatic statements, i.e., statements of "fact" that cannot be demonstrated to be factual.

Learn how to ask intelligent, probing questions that expose dogma for what it is.

Demand empirical evidence for all statements of faith.

Now that's some good advice right there, for all Christians.


Joshua Stein said...

Damn that's a funny little book, Luke.

I've looked through the first few pages already and I've thrown some stuff up on my site.

Hope you're doing well, man.

Freidenker85 said...

Boy, this book is such a beautifully well-written hodgepodge of ancient lies. Ring a bell?

Show Me The Missing Links said...
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Show Me The Missing Links said...

Great book!
REAL science backs Special Creation is every way.
The Cell Theory and The Law of Biogenesis are scientifically established truths that debunk the hypothesis of evolution and abiogenesis.

I'd become a Darwinist today, IF someone can SHOW me the transitional fossils that link a reptile to an Archaeopteryx. After all, there are supposed to be TONS of fossils that prove evolution. Stand-alone fossils don't prove evolution... there needs to be a group or large number of fossils that SHOW us that a creature has morphed or transitioned or evolved into a completely different kind of creature. They can't be shown, because those LINKS are STILL MISSING.

No doubt, someone will come back with drawings, charts, a list of names of fossils, computer graphics, plastered facsimiles, empty words, or even some vulgar language, but those things aren't proof for evolution. They only show that Darwinists have strong IMAGINATIONS.

Tom said...

& there was me thinking Archaeopteryx was a transitional fossil. Maybe the link below will help me understand:

plus all the other peer reviewed journals. what a deluded fellow