Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Krazy Kent Hovind

If evolution is true, you could not know that it's true because your brain is nothing but chemicals. Think about that.

Kent Hovind


Davros said...

I thought about that and i hurt my brain

What is this guy smoking

G said...

that's an oldie... hey maybe you can make a new section, something like "Creationism Classics Revisited"

revatheist said...

I guess that the computers that we're staring at can't compute either seeing as they are just collections of chemicals and electrical current.

terri said...

Use this one to fuck 'em up. And here it goes. Look at intelligent design for 2 minutes and something's wrong right away. They preach left and right that lower intelligence stems ONLY from higher intelligence (an ass-backwards idea from the start). Where did god get IT'S intelligence. Should one of them actually be able to prove it, all it would do is prove multiple universes (something strictly believed by some of us dumbass scientists), solely because god wouldn't exist in the same universe ("that it created"), with evil. And that's right not his, but it's intelligence. I hate nothing more than when some diehard christian tries to affix the male sex to god. The male sex that only exists on earth by gods design supposedly.