Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bill Jack's Freudian Slip

That Washington Post article that I posted about a few days ago has a brilliant Freudian slip that I somehow missed the first time I read it. It's from Bill Jack, a Christian leadership instructor who works for a company called Biblically Correct Tours:

Why should we be afraid to test our worldview against reality?

Bill Jack


Anonymous said...

Doesn't he know that "because reality has slapped your world-view silly" is the answer?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, if you really want to make an argument, go for it, but that kind of blanket statement approach just makes you look like yo don't know what you're talking about.

Anonymous said...

1. Can we see the context in which he says this? What else does he say before and after he makes this statement?
2. I just don't understand how this is a Freudian slip by itself.
3. Give me your definition of a Freudian slip and make a logical connection between that definition and this statement in its proper and true context.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Brim over I acquiesce in but I contemplate the post should secure more info then it has.

Zachary Klein said...

Obviously the 'poster' has no idea what Bill Jack means by 'worldview'.

It is not, and cannot be reality, unless one is truly omniscient - a worldview (as Bill repeatedly defines it) is your "*perception* of reality" - including your knowledge, experience, and personal bias and presuppositions.

Defined thusly, obviously we should strive to think outside the box and test our worldviews against reality. Of course this takes intellectual effort, because one must lay their most cherished ideas aside at least for the purpose of argument - *including* your own ability to accurately perceive reality.

But all that aside - for the sake of your own dignity if nothing else, quit quoting perfectly rational statements as if there's something to laugh about.

Or don't. After all, there's something faith-strengthening about reading this stuff...

Anonymous said...

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Taylor Clogston said...

I'm sorry, blogger, that you happen to be an idiot, but I shall try to dumb things down for you, shall I? Well then:

Last year I actually attended a series of lectures by Bill Jack, and he is definitely more intelligent than he looks. Sorry, Bill, but don't wear that shirt anymore. (Please!!)

Bill Jack gave several questions to test any world view against reality. He said that the weight of reality would CRUSH any false worldview. This was not a slip of the tongue, it is his slogan. Any world view should be able to answer these questions:
1) Is there a God or gods? What is their essential nature?
2) What is the essential nature of the universe?
3) What is the essential nature of man? Basically good, or basically evil?
4)What is the basis of morality and ethics? Or, how do we define what is right and wrong?
5)What is the cause of evil in the world?
6)What happens to man at death?
7)What is the purpose of human history?

Evolutionists say that there is no God or gods. The essential nature of the universe is purely chaotic- it developed by chance. Man, they say, is basically good. Yet they also say that man is the cause of evil in the world and suffering. So, they say, man created his own standards. So if man created his own standards, is it not wrong for someone to shoot someone else just because they set their own standard for right and wrong? Anyway, evolutionists also say that at death that man just dies, and therefore has no soul. Therefore, the purpose of human history was so that we could evolve from apes and destroy the planet. HELLO? And CREATIONISTS are unintelligent? Evolutionists are the wacky ones.

Oh, and FYI, some of the greatest scientists were creationists. Ever heard of Sir Isaac Newton or Thomas Edison, anyone?

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