Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Theroy of Evilution

Time for another terrible creationist video. In this one, you can easily lose count of the fallacies, bad logic, misunderstandings and outright untruths, but the "revelation" at around the 1:10 mark (cued nicely to the music) and the, frankly, disturbing animation at the end elevate this video to so-bad-it's-good territory:

And if this video wasn't dumb enough for you, check out some of the comments left underneath it. CAUTION: The quotes below will likely knock your IQ down by several points. Please read them responsibly and in moderation.

Evolution IS EVIL!!! Evolution calls God and His Inspired Word liars!Evolution say's that we are nothing but an accident and that there is no real purpose to life,eat,drink and be merry for tomorrow we die, it goes against everything the Inspired Scriptures teaches us.Evolution is responsible for six million jews being m#acred in nazi Germany,seventy-four million people in China,thirty million in the USSR and untold millions in Cambodia,Vietnam,Uganda and other parts of the world!

for those of you who believe we evolved from apes 1 question. Why are there no more human lines walking out of the jungle evolving from current lines of the ape species.

Its amazing that christians are a threat to atheism . If they dont beleive in God why are we a threat ? Because deep down in there heart they are afraid that God is not a fairy tale . Evolution will always be a fairy tale and God is real . I hit two rocks together the other day and could not make a human , go figure .

Evolution is so absurd that it is widely accepted by absurdity proponents. Like I stated before, evolution is just a side-stepping mechanism to accountability.

I don't care if 100% of the biological community accept it. If you purposely take God out of the equation you are being *dumb on purpose*.

evolution is not a fact. It is a theroy. The reason it is called a theroy is that it can't be proved.

Finally, here's my favourite:

Science is catching up with and confirming the Bible. Not to mention that the Bible also foretold vast communications technology such as television and satellites. When in Matthew 24:30 it says everyone will see the Son of Man coming in the Clouds. Revelations says every eye will see him. This given at the time in which none of this was possible.

That's right, you heard it here first. The second coming of Jesus Christ will be seen across the globe: live via satellite, on pay-per-view!


Joshua Stein said...

I'm trying to work out if this video is a "Poe."

It's so incredibly stupid that I just can't believe it. Of course, I should not underestimate the stupidity of people, but sometimes it really is baffling.

"I hit two rocks together the other day and couldn't make a human."

My brain almost fell out of my nose when I read that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and I tried to blow on some dirt and couldn't make a human either. Guess it's because I'm not God :)

Anonymous said...

The only problem here is, the critism flows freely while the facts don't.

I didn't watch the movie, by the way, so don't blame me if I'm getting this wrong.

(The only reason that I didn't watch it is because it doesn't seem to be... there...)

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