Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ray Comfort at Yale?

I'm trying not to post too much about Ray Comfort because, since rising to notoriety after his banana video, he seems to have embraced his reputation as "that dumb creationist" all too readily, and is unashamedly milking this persona to gain publicity. But this article on WND about his amusingly-titled new book has a quote too good not to mention:

...if I can convince myself that there is no God, it means I am not morally accountable, and evolution opens the door to a whole lot of sinful delicacies such as pornography, fornication, lying, theft, and of course writing bad reviews for a book I haven't read.

Porn is a "sinful delicacy"? How repressed can he get?

The article also states that Ray "has argued against atheism at Yale University". This is exactly why Richard Dawkins is reluctant to debate him. Allowing the guy to participate in a debate at Yale only lets him boast of this fact, even if he performed terribly and lost the debate (and does anyone doubt that this was the case?). He's using this to create an illusion of academic respectability that he hasn't earned and doesn't deserve.

At the end of the article it says that he's been "snubbed" by Dawkins. No, Ray. People of importance, people that matter, are snubbed. People like you are simply ignored.


Joshua said...

Re: Yale, I've been looking for something to support the claim that he debated at Yale. I can't find any evidence for this claim. It certainly didn't happen in the last few years when I was at Yale. The Yale Daily News archives go back to 2000 and I haven't been able to find any mention of him anywhere in the YDN. I'm a bit skeptical of this claim.

Joshua Stein said...

I'd love to see the debate between Dawkins and Comfort, because I'm so comfortable with how it would end.

Don't do it at Yale, though. Invite him to Oral Roberts or Pat Robertson U, where he belongs.

Anonymous said...

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