Monday, March 16, 2009

Michael Shermer: The Patience of a Saint

I have no idea how Shermer keeps such a cool head in this interview with God-fearing creationist Georgia Purdom. What a guy:

If you couldn't stomach the video in its entirety, the following quote is a good summary of Georgia's position:

I have a five year old daughter. She's a guilty sinner.

Georgia Purdom

Via PZ.


Marc Draco said...


I'm angry just reading the notes.

Joshua Stein said...

She's a nut-job.

Schermer is one of the greatest educators of our time. As a subscriber to Skeptic and a recipient of their newsletter, I have to say it's the most interesting magazine I get, and Schermer's willingness to debate anything is only rivaled by his ability to present facts without bias.

Anonymous said...

The White Man said...

Michael Shermer is one of the greatest skirt-chasers of our time.